Working with Prime Design Projects:

Prime Design Projects values excellence in ability and attitude. We carry out our work professionally, providing services that really contribute to the success of our customers, whether that be working as a project manager leading a strategic project or a specialist supporting projects and ongoing operational requirements.

To do so we have a team of people who work together efficiently and openly. Our focus is on doing the right thing for our customers. We work together to remove any barriers that may hinder the achievement of project deliverables. The needs of our projects and customers come first.

We work internationally so you will likely need to spend time away from home, although we will try to keep this to a minimum

What we are looking for:

We are a young company and are building a reputation for successfully delivering projects and engineering services to our customers. To continue doing so we need to work with people who have both qualifications and experience in the fields of one or more of the following disciplines; project management, engineering, automation, operations and HSE.

The type of work we offer is for specific projects or service contracts in running or supporting customers’ projects or central project management offices.

We provide you with the opportunity to be part of an ambitious company. You will be a member of a highly-skilled team, working on exciting projects, undertaken in partnership with large organisations. Projects will be challenging and diverse with great opportunities for personal growth.


If you are interested in working with us please write to tell us about your experience, expertise and why you think you would be a valued associate.