Equipment and Process Specification

Equipment and Process Specification

The vast majority of projects run by Prime Design over the past 10 years have been related to food, drink or nutritional products. As such, the specification and control of standards for equipment and process is critically important. Over this time we have built up a library of standards for process and equipment which we have used on projects for ‘blue-chip’ customers all over the world.

When specifying equipment or processes, Prime Design will meet with key stakeholders and establish requirements from operations, engineering and quality. Attention is given to capture all requirements including, but not limited to: EH&S, GMP, HACCP. These are captured and referenced in individual and overall specifications. If necessary, we can supplement customer specifications to ensure best practice is adopted.

Having clear documented equipment specifications at the outset of a project allows suppliers to fully understand our customer’s needs. This aids successful technical and operational integration, helps avoid unnecessary rework costs and standardises equipment and processes to minimise spares stockholding and training. There is a well-worn phrase; “the devil is in the detail”, and we work hard to make sure uncertainties and risks are minimised. You might describe this as 'keeping the devil out of the detail'.

As projects progress these initial specifications form the basis of approval and validation our documentation. A clear flow is evident through the document sets for each piece of equipment with elements being closed off at our FAT, SAT, IQ, OQ and PQ phases. On completion of a project, all completed documents are passed across to the customer and archived as part of their official product release protocol.

Prime Design are proud of their specification, approvals and validation documentation and have on many occasions set the standard for our customer’s internal processes.

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