Factory Plant Layout and Design

Factory Plant Layout and Design

Layout and design drawings form an integral part of factory documentation infrastructure. Future plans and projects are quite often explored initially with concept layouts and schemes. Preliminary concepts are then taken forward into feasibility and detailed design. A project can live or die on the answer to one simple question, will it fit? However, we will also go on to answer the (often unspoken) question, will it work?

There is also a [legal] requirement for factory documentation to include up-to-date drawings of utility services and key facilities. Fire safety regulations, health and safety regulations (incl. permit-to-work), and environmental management/regulations for example will require a range of drawings including details/locations for services isolation points (steam, compressed air, water etc.), assembly points, evacuation routes, drainage and water treatment.

We apply our engineering experience and expertise to the design elements of the project. Vital also to the success of the project is the detail and accuracy, and coordinating the inputs from other project contributors e.g. suppliers, architects, structural engineers etc. Design, surveying and 3D scanning techniques are used extensively throughout the project process: these are vital communication tools.

Utilising 3D laser scanning technology has transformed the level of detail, accuracy and efficiency in carrying out site and area surveys. Used not only in pre-project, project validation and post-project (as-built) situations but also for facilities and asset management; laser scanning reduces risk, increases efficiency and ultimately saves time and cost in reducing/eliminating rework and project delays. Click here to find out more about our 3D laser scanning.

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