30+ years of

Our History

1992 -Started the company

Prime Design was formed in 1992. Our background is in liquid food, beverage, infant formula and FMCG. During the early years we were engaged mainly in creating detailed production line designs, factory and utilities surveys, with some demand for PM support.

2010 - Growing the Business

In 2010 the business was restructured to support increasing demand and our success in designing, specifying and delivering complete packaging line projects globally to our clients. Since then we have expanded our capabilities and now offer a wide range of project services and continue as independent global specialists in filling and packing of infant formula, liquid food and beverage.

Today, Where we are now

We are very proud to work with many household brand names and a wide range of smaller organisations and continue to develop our network at every opportunity. We also undertake projects in other sectors which helps us build our portfolio of expertise and allows us to consider novel solutions from other industries in all the projects we undertake.

"Our clients expect their organisational and strategic objectives to be fulfilled when projects are delivered. Our aim is to meet that expectation through careful evaluation, detailed planning and implementation of programmes and projects."

Our Management Team

Keith Gibbons

Managing Manager

Experience in liquid food packaging, blow moulding and infant formula operations spanning nearly 40 years. Keith has worked with multi-nationals in a variety of roles including engineering, layout design, simulation and project management.

Gordon MacKellar

Projects Director

Gordon is a professionally qualified (PMP, MAPM, MCIPD) project leader, and has implemented business and capital projects around the globe, leading and inspiring dispersed project teams from different cultural backgrounds.

Why Us

Cost saving benefits for you
The timely, successful outcome of a project is important because you want to start to realise the benefits as soon as possible (that’s why you’re doing the project). There will be a cost in delivering the project (sometimes called ‘project management’ costs) and we should consider also the impact to your business if the project realisation is late or the success criteria have not been met.

Our approach, and commitment to you in ensuring this is achieved, is not simply one of providing a resource; indeed, a single resource is rarely the answer. Our view instead is to consider project delivery as a scope of work (SOW). Providing appropriate, adequate and optimised resourcing is our responsibility and should not be your problem.

You may consider that using an external company to support you with your projects has to be an ‘all or nothing’ approach and therefore comes with a hefty price tag. However, our 30-year experience has given us a wide range of services to offer our clients, so we can support you with what you want, when you want it – your tailored and cost-effective solution.

An integrated approach
We have completed many successful packaging line integration projects. We believe that all aspects of the project should be considered: the process should incorporate not just the technical integration but business and operational integration as well. The customer and the customer’s interests should always be front and centre.

Our aim is to take responsibility for all deliverables or fully support our customers in their development. Our view is that our obligation is helping our customers deliver successful projects and this means supporting them with every element. We have a wide range of experience in different industry sectors including dairy, soft drinks, nutritionals, aviation, automotive, packaging materials, medical devices and building components. We have a proven successful track record delivering filling and packaging solutions to all leading infant formula brand manufacturers globally. We have delivered many infant formula projects over the past 15 years and have developed an enviable skill set in this sensitive industry. Our techniques and experience are often called upon to inform our customer’s decisions and influence their ongoing ways of working. Our aim is to develop good, long-term relationships with clients. The majority of our business comes from repeat business or referrals, so every interaction is important and we are proud of the feedback we receive.

Rod Macdonald (Managing Director – PLF International)

“PLF International are the world leader in high speed powder filling equipment. We have worked with Prime Design for more than 10 years as they have helped us integrate and deliver turn-key filling and packing line solutions across Europe, USA, China and New Zealand. We have found their experience, professionalism and attitude first class and this has helped in our success in this demanding market. During our time working together we have encountered some challenging assignments and Prime Design have always fully supported us. I would have no hesitation in recommending their team.”

How We Do it

Our global experience tells us that successful project delivery comes from more than just a process. We believe that establishing genuinely effective communication and building good relationships is as important as a robust PM methodology. We strive to fully understand all elements of a project scope to help steer a project to the best solution.
We had feedback from a major client very recently, that he was working with another PM company (centrally appointed) on another project and that “he was doing all the work”. The PM company were not truly supporting him but were focused instead on completing their checklists. The conversation went on to say: “you guys [Prime Design] actually deliver the project for me and I only need to provide technical input, this is what I really need”. This is the essence of our approach; we deliver the project for you so you can focus on other things!

We pride ourselves in building good long lasting relationships and you will see from our references that this is valued by our customers.