What is project engineering?

What is project engineering? - Project engineering in the context of filling and packing lines is putting all of the physical items together to allow them work effectively. Sometimes project engineering is relatively straight forward but in many cases it involves some experience, skill and imagination. Parts often need to be designed, altered or removed to suit the particular requirements of a project.

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Project Engineering

What do you need?

"Our existing engineering team could take on this role but we don’t have sufficient resources."

We can supplement your existing resources or provide a dedicated resource.

"We need to know what’s included in the project engineering scope."

This might not be a single resource. We will provide the right resources at the right time according to the demands of the project.

"We need to know how each piece of equipment is going to be specified, tested and validated."

We control this process at each stage to ensure what you wanted at the beginning is what you got at the end.

"Compliance and safety standards are essential and must be considered from the beginning of the project."

Important to consider project (scope) and equipment URSs early in the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, these are separate activities. Project Management is about organisation, clarifying what needs to be done to deliver the project and normally involves specialists to carry out these activities. Their role also includes other aspects such as schedule and budget control, risk management and communications. Project engineering is one of the specialities the PM would engage to complete appropriate tasks within the project. This role is normally done by an experienced mechanical engineer.

Your organisation may already include a project engineering function at a central or site level. However, if this is not available (or is already overstretched), a project engineering resource could be fulfilled internally (with consideration to the above skills and experience). Consider also that this person will need time to focus on what needs to be done, so be careful if you are adding this to someone’s ‘day-job’. Good preparation is invariably at the heart of a successful project and if the team doesn’t have time to focus on it, you are introducing unnecessary risk.

Further Information

Project Engineering

The Prime Design team has a wealth of engineering experience ranging from facility and equipment design, through specification and technical procurement to complex installation and validation. Whilst specialising in food and drink, and infant formula, we also have experience of working across a diverse range of other industries including aviation, rubber compounding and construction materials. This experience makes Prime Design a valued source of support and advice on the ‘nuts and bolts’ of an engineering project.

Whether the project be new or involve modifications to an existing facility, we have the skills to support our clients to deliver a first class outcome. Services we offer are as follows:

  • Engineering studies – we can explore and evaluate a defined project scope to understand cost, risk and likelihood of success. We will also propose recommendations to optimise the project initial designs.

  • Equipment specifications – we have a library of equipment specifications that we have created over many years. These act as templates for us when creating new specifications and include important detail on equipment layout, construction materials, hygiene, preferred equipment and integration, operability and performance expectations.

  • Technical procurement – we have the capability to lead a technical procurement campaign. We create all necessary tender documentation, select and brief suppliers for competitive tendering and finally critically evaluate submitted bids and recommend who should be awarded each contract.

  • Site management – our team includes experienced international project site managers. As the person in charge we control contractors, evaluate and monitor RAMS, issue and control permits to work, manage risks and scrutinise work standards.

  • Installation services – having worked on complex engineering projects all over the world, we have practical experience on how to effectively carryout facility installations. We manage the planning and coordination of activities to enable a safe and efficient installation.

  • Machine and Product Development – We have been asked on many occasions to manage (and/or contribute towards) the development of new production equipment. In these assignments we bring cross industry experience and engineering insight to inform system design.