How Our Faro Scanner Improves Project Communication Saving Time and Money

As you can see from previous blogs, we are now using the Faro 3D laser scanner. Not only has it improved the efficiency of our site surveys, but it has immeasurably improved our communication through the use of visual images which can be shared in virtual meetings on our website; Scene WebShare.

Faro Scanning Saves Time and Money

Once processed, our scanned project is uploaded to our server where the point cloud and images can be viewed (via a secure login) with just a web browser. All the project contributors, suppliers, sponsor, team members etc. can view the same environment regardless of their physical location. The 3D images have all the information necessary to have a discussion, which is practically as effective as being on site. Indeed in some ways it is better, for there are a variety of tools that can be used on the website which allow you to check dimensions as the installation plan is being developed.

When working on international projects in particular, this is a major benefit and has led us to a new initiative in actively trying to reduce unnecessary travel during the course of a project. Face to face communication and actual site presence is vital but it’s all too easy to think automatically of getting on a plane when we ‘need’ to be on site (and that applies to our suppliers as well). Our first thought now is could we do this on WebShare: think URL not LHR.

If a picture was worth a thousand words, then the point cloud is fast becoming the new currency of communication.

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