3D Scanning from a Remote Controlled Helicopter

The world of 3D scanning keeps advancing as does the platforms from which it can be done. Faro are now working on fitting their scanners to remote controlled helicopters or octo-copters. This will have the advantage of speeding up the scanning process. Watch this link:

The Faro 3D scanners have already reduced costs and schedules by 5% to 7% in the construction industry and have reduced contingencies for rework to less than 2% compared to traditional survey methods.

It is a great tool for mitigating risks on capital projects, reducing time and errors by:

  • reducing the number and types of consequences from manual measurement errors, damages, injuries and outages
  • reducing time onsite for inspection and surveying
  • providing advanced interference and clash detection for new installations without the need for return site trips
  • executing construction activities and line installations with fewer mismatches and design errors
  • coordinating efficient scaffolding in complex plant environments during shutdowns and installations
  • responding to schedule upsets and changed field conditions with more flexibility

One of the key benefits for us apart from the above is that it improves safety and takes away risk to the surveyors. It greatly reduces the need for access at height to measure roof spaces and utility runs. Much of it can now be done from ground level.

All of these benefits come from good quality project preparation and data and increase the certainty of getting production lines up and running when required.