Layout Inaccuracy Avoidance Using 3D Laser Scanning

Hands up, anyone who has been involved in a project installation where the original building CAD drawings were wrong… Most of us I suspect at some point, and its something we learn from. With the use of our 3D laser scanning technology the total accuracy of layout drawings can easily be verified. Very recently we led a confidential packaging line replacement project at a ‘brownfield’ site in Ireland where, through the use of our scanning technology, we established that building support pillars were shown in the wrong position. The designs were corrected easily and without issue, but if this error had gone unnoticed the result would have been a major issue. Please see the attached Case Study of another recent layout survey we did for CSi industries in the Netherlands. This is just one of the uses for this game-changing technology.

UK_US_LS_Prime Design_2013_EN