3D Scanning for Use in Projects and Procurement

Last year we completed a new factory and line installation for one of our customers. One of the successes was the ability to refer to a 3D scan of one of their existing factories with the same equipment. It was remote from the new site location and visits to the existing site were expensive and time consuming.

By carrying out a 3D scan at the start of the project, all project teams and suppliers were able to view the factory, equipment and site without the need to travel unless this was essential.

The scan enabled them to check measurements, take new ones and of course create CAD drawings of whichever parts of the factory were necessary. It was also a good aide memoir.

The scan was used often during project team meetings to discuss the factory layout or to explain materials and product flows.

All in all a very useful tool that enabled an improved solution in the new factory and saved both time and money in the running of the project.