3D Scanning and Virtual Reality Training Applications

Applications for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) are expanding rapidly as the availability to the technology increases and associated costs reduce. Until recent times, VR/AR as a training aid has been largely limited to very select applications due to its cost, but this is now becoming more attainable for ‘normal’ operations. We see a huge opportunity in using this technology to train people for areas that are either dangerous or difficult to gain access to.

There are many safety related situations where VR/AR would be ideal as a training aid, for example: Gaining access to high (or underground) locations, confined spaces entries, gassed areas where Breathing Apparatus may be necessary, areas contaminated with biological agents, etc. VR/AR creates wonderful learning opportunities where people can train and practice in a safe environment.

Another perfect application for VR/AR is for tasks inside ‘clean rooms’, as it will reduce the need to enter, and therefore potentially contaminate the clean environment. Operators can also be trained to run production lines without taking up machine time or products and packaging, thus saving money and increasing uptime on machines.

The possibilities for the use of augmented reality and virtual reality for all kinds of training will be limitless as familiarity with the technology increases.

If you would like to know more about the use of VR/AR for your training application please get in touch.