New Laser Scanner

Prime Design Projects recently invested in a Faro Laser Scanner to survey sites and equipment, with a view to assist in creating 2D and 3D detailed drawings for customers.

The Focus3D is a portable, high-speed 3D laser scanner for detailed non-contact measurement and documentation. It uses laser technology to produce incredibly three-dimensional images of complex environments in only a few minutes. The system rotates 360° and measures everything within its line of sight up to 120m away. With a scan rate of 976,000 points per seconds and an accuracy of up to ±2mm it can be used in a wide range of industries.

It is perfect for accurately and efficiently recording as-built new or existing facilities.

Key benefits of the laser scanner include:

  • accuracy of measurements
  • verification of measurements, ensuring existing facilities and installations match existing drawings. Important when planning extensions, ingress of equipment or utilities installations. Results in lower costs and reduced schedules
  • visual image of facility or production equipment
  • alignment of equipment in a production line
  • speed of surveying
  • Web share allows remote access to view and measure scans from a web browser
  • ease of communication when discussing the project at meetings or with remote suppliers
  • safety on site surveys; reduces the need to take measurements at height

Prime Design Projects can securely store all the data and drawings on its servers and ensure they are kept up to date on an annual basis. Save money, save time and never work with outdated drawings or lose a drawing again!

Please contact us if you would like further details on how the new laser scanner can help your business.