Owner Representative

Owner Representative

Embarking on a large project is a daunting task, especially in the building of a new office or factory, especially when businesses do not have the knowledge and experience of running projects.

Concept to completion will take over a year at least. It is necessary to lead many different teams of people with a huge variety of skill sets. These range from employees, suppliers, lawyers and other interested parties such as local authorities and neighbours. This requires a lot of time and effort which is in addition to running day to day operations. 

If a business has insufficient resources and experience to run both a large project its operations, then both the project and the operations will suffer. The answer maybe an Owner Representative. An owner representative is someone who acts as a representative for the owner of a project.


Key responsibilities include the leading and co-ordination of the following:

Project scope development and definition
Building/equipment design and specification
Budget development and control
Procurement process
Risk management
Planning controls
Employee recruitment and training
Building construction
Equipment installation
Factory Acceptance and Site Acceptance Testing
Project Handover

There can be more, it depends on the experience, skill sets and available time of customers’ employees. 

All of these areas require many hours, decisions and much co-ordination. Let Prime Design take the strain, controlling and monitoring all parts of the project. You can then focus on maximising operational efficiencies and profits!

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