Tailored Project Support

Projects can be big or small; organisations can be big or small; available resources can be few or many. But what do we use to ‘measure’ the size of a project? Capital value is usually an accepted benchmark which might also go hand in hand with the duration of a project. What about risk; business risk, production risk, market share, brand reputation, people impacted? A project with a relatively low capital value might represent a big risk to market share or reputation if a new product launch is late or can’t be delivered for example. Is this a big project or a small project? Complexity and risk are not necessarily associated with capital value. It tends to be the benefits that determine how big (or important) the project is.

At Prime Design we have always taken a holistic approach to projects and understand there are vital support functions that will be required throughout the project lifecycle i.e. a project is not just a project manager.

If we are managing the complete project then we have all the additional support to hand, as and when the needs of the project dictate. However, maybe you employ experienced project managers or indeed run a PMO. In these cases you may not need our full turnkey services, but rather specialist skills which you do not have e.g. layout and design, 3D laser scanning, simulation modelling, utility surveys, feasibility studies. On the other hand you may simply require additional resources.   We recognise the most important element is to understand your needs first; one size rarely fits all so we are flexible in the services we offer. We provide an initial ‘gaps and concerns’ analysis for existing projects or a ‘needs and requirements’ analysis for new projects: from this we provide YOUR Tailored Solution to suit your budget requirements.

Whatever the size or complexity of the project, we can provide the optimum level of support to suit your business and the project, which will bring about a successful conclusion and deliver the desired benefits.