Prime Design 3D Scanning Services

We at Prime Design are able to offer the complete service when it comes to feasibility and project management. Knowing how it all fits into the spaces available is a fundamental part of the planning stage.

Our in house 3D scanning service can take a digital image of your production space and provide a true layout specification to gauge the exact availability of space and inaccuracies that layout drawings can cause project delays from.

By not having the right feasibility study in place can cause costly project delays and cause increased costs.

Ever since 2012 since Prime Design adopted the 3D scanning technology we have been able to provide a reduced survey time and accurate space requirements, plus also reducing the carbon footprint of repeated visits to site to recalculate. This in turn provides cost savings al round when completing site surveys.

If you choose to move forward with us, we are well equipped to scan and study your project to get the optimum results.
See more information about our 3D scanning capabilities here:

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