5 Ways to Reduce Risks on Packaging Equipment Installation Projects

Do you know the most common causes of accidents on building sites? If your projects often involve installing equipment whilst the building is being refurbished or finished then it is good to know what they are or at least remind yourself.

5 top tips to Reduce Accidents at Work


  1. Tidy Sites and Good Welfare Facilities: Slips and trips are the most common causes of injuries at work. Make sure the site is tidy by clearing tools, materials, packing crates etc immediately after use. Ensure your project team has access to good toilets and eating area or canteen.
  2. Falls from Heights: These are the biggest cause of fatal and serious injuries on a construction site. Make sure that not only your team, but also other contractors, work from secure platforms with proper edge protection. Don’t use ladders where you can use platforms. Only use ladders if no other safe alternative is possible and only then for short periods.
  3. Manual Handling: Use mechanical aids wherever possible and avoid repetitive jobs.
  4. Transport: Keep your eyes open for fork lift trucks, dumper trucks, cranes, lorries and any other form of transport. Accidents involving transport are the second most common causes of fatalities.
  5. Asbestos: In existing buildings which were constructed usually prior to the eighties, asbestos is often present in lagging, insulation, decorative coatings or asbestos cement. Make sure you check!

There are of course many more things to take into consideration such as planning and organising, using trained and competent people and raising concerns with the site management, not to mention all other safe working procedures and practices. For more details an excellent site is the Health and Safety Executive’s site about construction at

Contact us for further details if you wanting to reduce your risks and increase your chances of running safe projects.