Integrated Project Delivery and Returning to work

We increasingly work in a virtual environment and where that is not possible, provide our services to our clients taking all the recommended precautions and more. As part of our Integrated Project Delivery program (IPD), we have begun to meet clients face to face. We keep a safe distance and wear PPE, including face masks to protect others and ourselves. On a recent trip to France our colleagues wore face masks all the time in the car and when in meeting rooms on our customers site.

We have adapted to meet the challenges and continue to support our clients during very different times. Our projects progress and meet their key delivery points.

We deal with projects of all sizes. No two are ever the same. Our Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) approach allows us to consider all the areas of your project and ease the complexities and pressures on you that can stop a project from being completed.

There are many benefits to IPD.

  • Lean project delivery
  • Cost and time efficient
  • The project owner does not need to employ full time project professionals and other resources that may be underutilised at times. The correct resources are deployed to focus on both the project and daily operations, ensuring all business plan objectives are met
  • Reduced Risk
  • Project professionals lead an integrated team of experts from a variety of organisations, harnessing their skills and talents
  • Collaborative working

Ultimately Prime Design offer you the complete Project Management package. Please see our previous blog for a full list of benefits and more details.