Hit the ground running

We had more than 60,000 new cases of COVID-19 reported in the UK yesterday and infection rates are also increasing in most of Europe and in many countries around the world. All of these countries are in various states of restriction or lockdown to help beat this dreadful pandemic and save lives.

We certainly are in challenging times, but with our increased understanding of the virus, stringent control measures and roll-out of vaccines around the world, we believe the end of the pandemic and a return to a more normal existence is in sight.

Prime Design is very much focused on this return to a nearer normal existence and see this current period as a great opportunity to help our customers prepare for a return to sustainable business situation. During the past 12 months, our customers have delayed many projects due to uncertainty. We feel now is the time for us all to re-evaluate what is needed for the ‘new normal’ situation we are coming into and develop plans to allow our customers to ‘hit the ground running’ as restrictions are lifted.

Prime Design has thankfully been able to maintain nearly normal service levels for our customers during 2020. We have succeeded in doing this by carefully managed travel within the UK and overseas and the use of remote working technologies wherever practical.

We welcome the opportunity to help our customers evaluate, develop and deliver their projects. Our services include preparing feasibility studies, CAPEX preparation, plant layout surveys, layout designs, production line integration, PMO development as well as project delivery.
We are a small company specialising primarily in the nutritionals, drinks and food industries. We pride ourselves on providing a flexible, dependable service so please call to discuss how we can help you prepare.