International Project Collaboration Opportunities

Prime Design Projects is a UK based company working on drinks, dairy, food and nutritional projects internationally. It is becoming clear that for the next few months at least, governments around the world will be enacting new regulations to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Ways of doing business around the world are changing and the movement of people will continue to be more difficult; quarantining, medical tests and curfews. The frequency of public transport is reducing. All this is leading to delays in projects and increased costs.

We see an opportunity to counteract these restrictions by collaborating more widely with others to be increase effectiveness and efficiency in delivering projects during the pandemic.

We already run our projects on the basis of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), meaning we work closely with other companies to deliver projects for our customers. We have a strong network in other countries. We would like to develop this network further, be they suppliers, customers or competitors, to support us all in getting projects done.

If you are interested in discussing how we could support each other and develop new ways of working to deliver projects, please get in touch to discuss ways in which we can collaborate.