what is 3D Laser Scanning?

One of the services we offer at Prime Design is our 3D Laser Scanning, Prime Design customers have been experiencing the advantages of 3D Laser Scanning since 2012. Below we have included information on the features and benefits of 3D Laser scanning.

3D Laser Scanning provides you with exact measurements in three dimensions right at your fingertips-it is the process of analysing a real-world object or environment that is used to collect data, it is the most efficient form for documenting three dimensional measurements of real-world environments. Whilst it scans it will gather vast amounts of data quickly and will bring the scene straight back to the office. The photorealistic 3D colour scans can be shred and viewed at the same time from different locations, this is done through the SCENE WebShare Cloud.
The 3D laser scanner has many benefits, it firstly provides accurate information as the scanned results give a precise, virtual copy of reality in millimetre which will result in fewer mistakes when you integrate new equipment into an existing installation. Scanning data is also easily accessed online as there is no need for additional software as it is just a web browser, this data can be shared with customers, suppliers, partners, or other company sites. The 3D Laser Scanner reduces your carbon footprint as the scanning aspect saves on unnecessary repeat sit visits to check missed dimensions and details.
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