Out and about

It was great to be visiting a customer today rather than talking to another face on a monitor, even with all the COVID precautions our customer had in place:

Sanitiser on entry
Sanitised pens to sign in
Masks indoors
Seated 2m apart
Use of lift banned
The precautions made me feel secure and confident to do business. Not only do the precautions help to secure our health but when you cannot use the lift to get to other floors, they also help to keep us fitter!
I am also staying in a hotel tonight and eating in a restaurant. Suddenly I was a customer and I was assessing the precautions in place at the hotel, the restaurant and the bar, considering whether or not I felt safe and would give them my repeat business.
COVID precautions are a big factor now in deciding who to do business with both for individuals and companies. Will you do business with an organisation that does not take the necessary precautions to protect its people and customers?
I am back in the “real” world again but, for now it is a slightly different reality. We must assess the invisible risks to our health and all be a bit more aware, cautious and considerate of others. Not always easy in this busy world.