3D Laser Scanning

One of the services we offer at Prime Design is 3D Laser Scanning.The accuracy, efficiency and versatility of 3D scanning is invaluable for brownfield sites or for projects where integration with existing plant and equipment is complex. On many occasions, by utilising our 3D scan data, PDP has uncovered inaccuracies in client drawings and supplier designs that would have caused havoc in project delays and increased costs.

What is 3D Laser Scanning?
Traditional measuring methods such as tape measures, lasers, range finders, and total stations require more effort and risk inaccuracies. Our 3D laser scanning provides exact measurements in three dimensions right at your fingertips.

3D scanning is ideal for a range of applications. 3D scanning offers the most efficient method for three-dimensional documentation of real-world environments. The scan gathers vast amounts of data quickly and brings the virtual scene back to the office. The photorealistic 3D colour scans can be shared, and viewed simultaneously from different locations via SCENE WebShare Cloud.

Advantages of 3D Laser Scanning

There are many advantages to 3D Laser Scanning, one of these benefits is that it gives accurate information, results from 3D Laser Scanning give a precise, virtual copy of reality in millimetre accuracy. This means fewer mistakes when integrating new equipment into existing installations. 3D Laser Scanning has a reduced carbon footprint so it saves on unnecessary repeat sit visits to check mixed dimensions and details.

Scanning data also is easily accessible online: no need for additional software, just a web browser. Data is shared with customers, suppliers, partners or other company sites leading to improved project communications.

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