Project Engineering

One of the services we offer at Prime Design Projects is our project engineering, the prime design team have a wealth of engineering experience that ranges from facility and equipment design, through specification and technical procurement to complex installation and validation. Below we have included information on our project engineering service.

Whether the project is new or involves modifications to an existing facility, here at Prime Design we have the skills to support our clients to be able to deliver a first class outcome.

The service we first offer is our Engineering Studies, here we can explore and evaluate a defined project scope for us to be able to understand the cost, risk and likelihood of success. We will additionally propose recommendations to you to optimise the project initial designs. The second service we offer is our Equipment Specifications, here we have a library of equipment specifications that we at Prime Design have created over many years. These act as templates for us when creating new specifications and include important detail on the equipment layout, construction materials, hygiene, preferred equipment and integration, including the operability and the performance expectations.

The next service we offer is Technical Procurement, we have the capability to lead a technical procurement campaign, here we will create all the necessary tender documentation, select and brief suppliers for competitive tendering. Another service we offer is Site Management, our team includes experienced international project site managers as we are the person in charge. We will control contractors, evaluate and monitor RAMS, issue and control permits to work.

Our Project engineering also includes our installation services, as we have worked on complex engineering projects all over the world, we therefore have the practical experience on how to effectively carry out facility installations. Lastly our project engineering service includes the Machine and Product development, at Prime Design we have been asked on many occasions to manage (and/or contribute towards) the development of new production equipment.

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