All About Factory Layout & Design Part One: The Overview


Factory plant layout and design is where it all started for Prime Design Projects back in 1992. It’s all about exploring what you already have in your factory and what you need then providing sensible & efficient schemes to aid your plans. It essentially is the process of deciding the machinery and equipment arrangement inside your factory, the department structure, the layout of all the different workstations and the position of the different devices within each department. This process involves a lot of elements such as stakeholder interviews, process & packaging design and line layout development. 



There are four basic factory layouts to choose from:

  • Fixed-position layout: The most important part of the production process will stay in a fixed position. This requires the team to bring all other components (such as materials, parts, tools etc.) to this location. 
  • Process/functional layout: This is a very flexible layout making it the most practical when your factory’s production volume is low. 
  • Product or line layout: This focuses on the sequence of operations during the development stage of a product.
  • Combination type of layout: A combination of two or more of the above layouts.


Here are 7 strategies to consider when choosing a layout:

  • Work in process: Ensuring that the correct process flows throughout the layout.
  • Consumables: What does your factory need and where will this come from?
  • Instructions: Is the workflow display efficient and are the instructions of what to build clear to the team?
  • Raw materials: How will these be brought to the workstations and how will they be replenished when necessary?
  • Finished product: Where does the finished product go?
  • People movement: Can your team move around the area without hindering eachother?
  • Waste: Where and how does your team dispose of waste?


What stages are necessary in the factory plant layout & design planning process? 


  • Gathering client requirements
  • Survey/building consultation
  • Process & packaging design
  • Understanding other layout considerations
  • Layout options development
  • Budget preparation


From detailing every square inch to suit your needs, we have the ability to create a concept and/or a very detailed plan to bring your visions to life. We also support you throughout the entire process, ensuring that everything is fitted to your standards and needs. 


Factory plant layout & design incorporates three very important stages; Design, Validate & Visualise. Now that you’ve read our overvue section of this series, we encourage you to stay tuned for Part Two where we will go more in depth into the Design process of factory plant layout & design. 


If this sounds like something that could be useful to you. Don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly team members today for more advice. 

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