All About Factory Layout & Design Part Two: The Design Process


All About Factory Layout & Design

Part Two: The Design Process

Prime Design Projects has provided facility designs in a variety of manufacturing industries such as soft drinks, aeronautics, dairy, high-end automotives and infant formula. This portfolio of projects allows us to bring cross-industry solutions to all projects. 

Our design team utilises the latest technology/ies to produce efficient scheme designs for your factory layouts. We use 3D scanning in order to accurately survey your equipment and environment. This helps us to validate the existing layout information. You may already have CAD drawings however we create our own in addition to eliminate any potential inaccuracies. The communication process is also much simplified with this technology which therefore aids the physical design development process even further. Surveying your facility with a 3D laser scanner is much faster and cheaper and it also helps to avoid requiring a return visit as these scanners don’t miss a single detail. 

We’ve ensured that the design process at Prime Design Projects is foolproof to avoid mistakes and to create designs that suit any industry. Stay tuned for Part Three to read all about our validation process. 

If you have any questions about the design process, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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