Prime Design love to bring projects to life. We support our customers at any stage of a project or in reviewing their project methodologies. We bring our skills and experience to all our customers’ requests.

At its heart we have the project management process to ensure that all the mechanics of running a project are working. Its personality comes from how we lead and communicate the project to achieve the key targets and objectives it was designed for or, where circumstances have changed, what it has evolved into.

We prefer to get involved in making decisions about the viability of a project before a decision has been made to initiate it. This is where we can add most value to our customers’ businesses; at the point when a customer is thinking about running a project which is an integral part of business strategy, but has not yet been fully scoped.

By being involved early, we get to know our customers well.

In our experience, running workshops with our customers’ teams, draws out many points which have not been considered when the idea for the project was conceived. It gives us a chance to understand why the project is being done, identify what and whom the project involves. This enables us, along with our customer to define the project scope accurately, set up the correct project organisation, develop all aspects of the project plan and to mitigate the risks. The end result is one which increases the chance of delivering project benefits in a timely manner.

We work as partners with our customers and integrate our skills and experience into our customers’ teams. We ensure that our customers appoint an executive project sponsor who is actively engaged with us to identify and deliver the benefits.

If required, we can then lead, manage and control the project to a successful conclusion and work with operations teams to achieve the desired outcomes.

On the other hand, if we are invited in to support a project that is failing, then we assess what is going wrong. Often it relates to scope creep or uncontrolled changes to a project’s scope. We would recommend ways in which to improve the chances of the project recovering.

In more general terms, if our customer regularly runs major projects, we can review their organisation, the types of projects it runs and recommend ways in which to organise their teams or develop their methodologies to improve the opportunities to deliver benefits and continuously improve.

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