Safety is a serious business and an absolute priority for Prime Design. In the construction sector in 2016/2017, 5,055 non-fatal accidents were reported with undoubtedly significantly more unreported. Shockingly, we are still regularly exposed to poorly managed site safety systems, where a good safety record is largely a question of luck. We do not rely on luck and good fortune to determine our safety performance, we implement and carefully manage safety systems to keep all those involved in or projects safe. We are not always popular at a project outset as the safe way may not be the quickest way, but our primary aim is not popularity.

Delivering any capital projects increases potential safety risks as, by their nature, they are out of the ordinary. We offer a range of services to help successfully manage project safety:

Health and safety audits and assessments – Prime Design will carry-out one off assessments or an ongoing programme of inspections on your project. This will give you piece of mind as we will immediately highlight issues to the people involved and provide a written inspection report for your convenience. Perhaps the safety record on a project is poor or you have reason to feel doubtful that safe practices are being followed. Whatever the reason for your uncertainty we will highlight any issues and support you in resolving them.

CDM – Is a mandatory documented process for managing higher risk (HSE notifiable) projects. Prime Design can act as CDM Principal Contractor or CDM Principal Designer on your project. We can also provide advice and guidance on CDM as needed.

Site Management – We can provide experienced site managers to take control of your project worksite. As part of the responsibilities we will review and approve RAMS, issue and monitor permits, coordinate day to day activities, manage contractors, carryout toolbox talks, and assess standards of work. The site manager will also formally report and investigate any safety issues that happen at the worksite. The Site Management function will be undertaken by the Principal Contractor if done under CDM but a separate activity if CDM does not apply. Prime Design can help in both situations.

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