Food Canning line Feasibility Study (France)

We are unable to give specific details on this project as we are bound by confidentiality agreements with some of our clients.

Prime Design was approached by a multinational food company to help with preparation of a scheme to alter the manufacturing capabilities at its canning plant in France. Prime Design carried out a feasibility study for this project which was completed at the end of 2019.

As part of the study we interviewed all key stakeholders and prepared the Project Charter and Scope Document. We carried out a 3D scan survey of the existing facility and prepared current and new facility layouts, we prepared and circulated all URSs and RFQs, and met with all potential suppliers.  We went on and created the Project Plan, including: transition plan, budget +/- 10%, detailed schedule, risk register and environmental impacts assessment.

The project involved changes to clean-room layouts, line configurations across 2 lines, modifications/upgrades to existing equipment as well as replacement of other packaging equipment. All this work being done on a fully operational manufacturing plant.

The completed study was well received by the client who applauded the care taken in developing it and the detail included. The budget was submitted to the senior management team and approved.