Canning Lines (New Zealand)

Prime Design was initially asked to manage an infant formula project on the North Island for a multi-national client. The project was a direct replacement of the existing filling equipment in a ‘high-care’ filling room which was installed whilst the original line remained operational. We established a network of local support from NZ and Australia and installed the project on time and to budget. This project and equipment design became the benchmark for powder filling systems in Australasia.

On completion of this project we were asked to manage a turn-key infant formula filling and packing line, for a new customer located on the South Island. The line was to be installed in a new purpose built facility. This project involved the complete line from incoming can supply to finished goods and included serialisation of powder and components to the finished; can, case and pallet which became the standard for subsequent projects. The facility was heralded as ‘the best infant formula filling line in the southern hemisphere’. The client was quoted as saying they had achieve pharmaceutical standard production facilities for a `food grade’ budget and received accolades from internal and potential client visits.

Finally we managed delivery of an Infant formula line on a green-field site for a Chinese company located on the North Island. Again this project was for a complete line and was implemented very successfully, receiving outstanding feedback from the client. The project was signed off by the client 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

These projects were awarded to Prime Design by PLF International. In total we had a team working in NZ for 3 years and developed a valued network of colleagues, suppliers and friends.