Dairy filling line operational study (UK)

The detail of many of our projects are protected by confidentiality agreements with our clients so we are unable to disclose all information.

A multinational Dairy in the UK got in touch with Prime Design to discuss an ongoing challenge it was having with low OEE and high wastage from one of its filling and packing lines.

Prime Design visited site and conducted a 3 day survey, where we monitored the full line operation.  Each machine was monitored for the 3 days with every machine stoppage and reject logged. This information was used to create a Simul8® computer simulation model of the line and a representation of the starting line performances. Using this process (and our own observations of how the line was working) we were able to understand issues and constraints on the line and from that develop and test multiple strategies for improving line performance. The Simul8® computer simulation model integrated the impacts of proposed line improvement strategies with the remaining constraints and was able to simulate extended line running to evaluate the overall effectiveness of these different strategies. This approach allowed the customer to evaluate the many possible improvement options available and their relative benefits.

A report was prepared and presented to the client with a series of quantified options. The report was well received by the customer management team and the actions are currently being implemented.